Blood sampling instructions

For testing for
-Hepatitis B - Hepatitis C


Please read all the instructions and other information, and then follow steps 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. 
  1. Check the contents of your testing kit 
  2. Label the sample 
  3. Follow the steps given in the instructions 
  4. Send your sample 
  5. Your result 
A. One return envelope
B. One packing note with code (=top half)
C. One lab form with sticker (=bottom half)
D. One test tube and cardboard holder
E. One Rigid Safetybag
F. Two plasters
G. One alcohol wipe
H. One lancet and 3 spare lancets 
- Tear off the top half of the packing note along the perforation. Make sure you keep the top half, as this is your code to get your result.
- Complete the bottom half and send it in with your sample (this is the lab form). 
- If your details are not on the lab form, please do the following:
- circle your gender
- add your date of birth
- and add the sample date 
- Put the sticker with the code on the test tube. MAKE SURE you don’t cover the measuring lines. 
- Put the lab form in the return envelope. 
  1. Take a lancet (H). 
  2. Carefully screw off its long lid (turning to the left) until you’ve taken it off completely.
  3. Take the test tube (D) and pull off the red part of the lid. 
  1. Fold open the cardboard holder and place the test tube in it. 
Your finger must be warm before you take the blood sample.
Take the time to do the test properly
  1. Put the hand you’re going to prick for 3-5 minutes in warm water (no hotter than 42°, like a shower).
  2. Take out the alcohol wipe (G) and use it to disinfect the finger you’re going to prick. Wait until your finger is dry before pricking it. 
  3. Tip: Rub some Vaseline into your fingertip, then massage your finger, pushing the blood towards the fingertip. You don’t have to do this, but it does make it a bit easier to get the drops of blood you need. 
8.      Now put your hand on a hard, smooth surface with your palm facing upwards, as this will make sure you don’t pull your finger away when you prick it. Hold the lancet (H) tightly between your thumb and forefinger, and place it against the fingertip. 
9.      Activate the lancet by pressing down hard until you hear a click (don’t move it away until you’ve heard the click). 
10.    After the finger prick, rub the spot you’ve pricked with something clean, like a piece of kitchen paper, to get the blood flowing. 
11.    Place the scoop at the top of the test tube just under where you’ve pricked your finger. Scoop some drops of blood into the tube. 
Fill the tube with 0.5 ml of blood. 
If you don’t have enough blood, start again at step 4 (using another lancet) until you have enough blood for the sample. 
12.    Push the red part of the lid back onto the test tube. You will hear a click when the lid is on properly. Check that the test tube is closed tight. Put a plaster on your fingertip. 
13.    Tilt the tube gently from side to side 5 times. You won’t see any visible changes in the tube during or after this rotation. 
Directlab b.v.
Keerkring 6
2801 DG Gouda (NL)
T 0031-(0)85 303 15 99 
If you have any questions about taking the sample, or if part of the testing kit is missing, please get in touch with our customer service: 085 - 303 15 99 
version: MAY 2020 
IMPORTANT: make sure that everything mentioned in the checklist is in the envelope, otherwise the lab cannot test the sample! 
  • Sticker is on the test tube (D)
  • Test tube (D) is in the safety bag (E) 
  • Completed lab form (C) is in the envelope (A) 
  • After taking the sample, register your test at ‘Mijn uitslag’ (my result) 

IMPORTANT: make sure that everything mentioned in the checklist is in the envelope, otherwise the lab cannot test the sample! 
- Remove the white strip on the Rigid Safetybag and seal the bag. 
- Place the bag in the return envelope (A). 
- Remove the white strip from the adhesive edge of the envelope, seal it and send it off immediately. 
Send off the test immediately after taking the blood sample, using a PostNL letterbox or PostNL drop off location. No stamps are necessary within the Netherlands. 
Send on weekdays before 5 p.m. Keep your blood sample at 2-25°C if you can’t send it off immediately. You can also send your envelope on a Sunday if you use a letterbox with a medical post logo – you’ll find a location near you on the PostNL website. 
Don’t post your sample in an orange PostNL letterbox if the outside temperature is below zero or above 30°C. Take the envelope in that case to a post office or PostNL drop off location. 
After taking the blood sample, register your test in ‘Mijn uitslag’ (my result) and you’ll receive an email as soon as the result is available. 
Syphilis 100% 
HIV 99.92% 
Hepatitis B 99.9%  99.88% 
Hepatitis C 100%  99.85% 
Test sensitivity is the percentage of correct positive test results among people who are infected.
Test specificity is the percentage of correct negative test results among people who are not infected

  Window period
Syphilis 4 weeks*
HIV 4 weeks*
Hepatitis B 8 weeks*
Hepatitis C 8 weeks* 
WINDOW PERIOD: the period between the time of possible infection and the moment that this can be detected with a test.
*if you do a test before the end of the window period, we would advise you to test again at a later date.
The test is for single use by one person. 
- Do not use the test after the expiry date. You’ll find this on the testing kit packaging. 
- Keep all material away from children.
- The test can be used by one person only. 
- All Directlab b.v. tests are carried out in an ISO-certified lab.
- Storage temperature 
Unopened: 15-25°C 
After sampling/during transport: 2-25°C
- Directlab instruction videos are available on YouTube: 

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